YUJAN YOGA - Promoting balance of body & mind with flex stretch & relaxation.
Classes are aimed at beginners to intermediates and all levels of fitness catered for.  Strategically small sized, to offer a high degree of individual attention.

No need to own a mat - you may borrow one for the duration of the class, with prior notice.

Days, Times, Venues, Cost per session

Tuesday   16.30-17.45  Office for National Statistics, Oscars Fitness Club 
                                       (employees only) £4 - Club members, £6 non-members 
Tuesday   18.45-20.00 Crofton Community Centre, Stubbington, PO14 2PP
                                       £7 - a small mixed-ability & gender class

Thursday  19.30-21.00  Titchfield Parish Rooms, High Street, Titchfield, PO14 4AQ.
                                        £7 ( - a small mixed ability & gender class

                                       (Plus £1 drop-in rate at all)

***** PLEASE NOTE - NO CLASSES ON 28 AND 30 AUGUST 2018 *****

FREE introductory offer to all newcomers 
Come along and try for yourself,  at no cost - just ring, text or email Jan.

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